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Company news about Application of RFID electronic tags in smart file management
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Application of RFID electronic tags in smart file management


Latest company news about Application of RFID electronic tags in smart file management

Why choose RFID technology for file management

RFID technology is a non-contact automatic identification technology. It is a technology that uses radio frequency signals through spatial coupling (alternating magnetic or electromagnetic fields) to achieve non-contact information transmission and achieve identification through the transmitted information. In archive file management, by binding RFID electronic tags with archive boxes or file bags, the signals are transmitted to the system through antennas and readers to form automated data collection. RFID technology has unparalleled superiority in the automation and intelligent management of archives.


1) Non-contact data collection. There is no need to open the file box. The file box pasted with RFID electronic tags passes in front of the reader, and the information of the file can be collected.
2) Fast scanning, and a large amount of one-time data processing. RFID readers can collect hundreds of tags at the same time, which is more than 100 times faster than traditional barcode scanning methods.
3) Small size and various shapes. Electronic tags are basically not restricted by size and shape, and are highly adaptable for file management
4) High security. The data access of the electronic label has an encryption mechanism, and the information cannot be forged and illegally tampered with.
5) Can be reused. The RFID tag can repeatedly erase and write the stored data to facilitate the update of file information, and the barcode cannot be changed after it is printed.
6) Large data memory capacity. Compared with traditional data storage media such as barcodes and magnetic cards, electronic tags store a large amount of information, have a long service life, and can be reused.
7) The electronic tag has the EAS anti-theft function, and it can be used with RFID channel access control to prevent file loss and realize the alarm function of illegal removal.


How to select RFID electronic tags

latest company news about Application of RFID electronic tags in smart file management  0

In archival file management, it is usually necessary to identify how many files there are on a cabinet or a compact shelf, or to be accurate to how many files there are on each layer. The thickness of the file bag is basically inconsistent. There are some cases where there are few files. Very thin, maybe only 1-2MM in thickness. In this case, we have to choose a label with good stacking performance. When two labels are close to each other, the performance of ordinary labels will become very poor. This is due to the coupling between the label antennas, which makes the label The frequency band has undergone tremendous changes.


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