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Company news about Application of RFID technology in linen washing management
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Application of RFID technology in linen washing management


Latest company news about Application of RFID technology in linen washing management

As a traditional industry in the field of hotel service providers, linen has been gradually developed around the development of the hotel industry. Whether it is a star-rated hotel or an economic chain hotel, linen is an indispensable and important material. All kinds of hotels are faced with thousands of pieces of linen handover, washing, ironing, finishing, storage and other processes, effectively complete the daily handover of washing linen, tracking and management of each piece of linen washing process, times, inventory status and effective classification of linen, etc., are a great challenge, and traditional linen management methods generally exist many difficulties.


Talk about the application of RFID technology in linen washing management

1) The handover of paper washing tasks is complicated and difficult to query

2) Due to the fear of cross-infection, some linen quantity statistics can not be carried out, and the mismatch between the quantity of washing and the time of collection is easy to cause business disputes.

3) Each step of the washing process can not be accurately monitored, and the linen is leaking treatment.

4) The use and washing times of linen can not be accurately recorded, which is not conducive to the scientific management of linen

Using RFID radio frequency identification technology, the UHF laundry label is applied to the intelligent management of washing materials, and an efficient work platform for fast collection, sorting, automatic inventory and taking clothes is built in the laundry industry, which greatly improves the work efficiency and reduces the error rate.


The RFID washing tag is built into the cloth, and the whole track of the cloth can be realized through the RFID handheld. Using the uniqueness of UHF RFID tags and the characteristics of the reader can be scanned remotely and quickly at one time in batches, its application in linen washing management has the following characteristics:


latest company news about Application of RFID technology in linen washing management  0


1) UHF RFID washing tag can withstand more than 200 times of washing, with waterproof, anti-detergent, good heat resistance and other characteristics.

2) UHF industrial components, 5 meters away from the cart, basket can quickly read, list, sort hundreds of linen, instantly grasp the use of linen.

3) Automatically identify, count and track all linen, automatically generate reports to monitor inventory, and accurately query how many times each linen has been cleaned and where it was last placed.

4) While reducing labor-intensive operations, it can also effectively reduce the loss of linen.


Through the statistical analysis function of registration, handover, internal management and background data, it can accurately obtain the washing situation and life analysis of each single piece of linen, which helps the hotel management to grasp the key indicators such as the quality of linen, and according to these analysis data, when the linen reaches the maximum number of cleaning, the system can receive an alarm. And timely remind the staff to change, improve the service level of the hotel, enhance the customer experience.


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