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Company news about Application of RFID technology in the field of intelligent manufacturing
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Application of RFID technology in the field of intelligent manufacturing


Latest company news about Application of RFID technology in the field of intelligent manufacturing

RFID intelligent production uses novel, comprehensive, advanced and intelligent production management to collect data through various technologies of the Internet of Things. RFID automatic sensor acquisition technology to achieve material inventory, transportation, product detection, especially the production process control, optimize the entire production line efficient management. The application of RFID technology in production control realizes the visualization and intelligence of production line.


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In the traditional manufacturing industry, compared with the bar code technology that is widely used at present, RFID electronic tags have many advantages in nature. The advantages of RFID tags include: multiple tags can be read at the same time; Wirelessly read and write; Penetrable reading and writing; Can be read and written in the state of high-speed movement; Store more data information; Can be used in harsh environments. RFID technology is not just a simple replacement of bar code technology, its application in the manufacturing industry will change the production and operation of manufacturing enterprises. RFID technology has begun to be applied to supply chain management, warehouse management, material management and so on in the manufacturing industry.


The visualization of the production line enables the management of the enterprise to discover the running status of the production line and the production line in real time. The system mainly consists of the assembly line, the RFID data acquisition system, the products in process and the station. The raw products move on the assembly line, and after arriving at the station, the workers take off the recycled products for parts assembly, and then put them back into the assembly line until all the processes are completed. The system mainly consists of two fixed RFID readers. RFID tags are added to every product in production.


RFID production control process: When the in-process products with RFID electronic tags pass through RFID reader A and RFID reader B in sequence, the RFID reader will read the RFID electronic tag information on the product, and upload the data to the upper computer of the system, and then judge the completion of the in-process products and the operation of each station. When the raw product passes through RFID reader antenna A, but does not pass through RFID reader antenna B, it means that the production time of the product bound by the label is too long. The system will compare and alert according to the time set in advance.


The application of RFID technology in the field of intelligent manufacturing

In-process product monitoring is to obtain RFID electronic tag data on in-process products in real time to judge the station and the completed process of in-process products. Assuming that there are N processes in a production line of a raw product, the monitoring method of the production status of the raw product is as follows:


1, in the production of raw products, according to the manufacturing requirements of raw products, determine the number of processes N, and determine the station order (123... n) Generate a binary code so that from the lowest order, it represents the completion state of the station through which it passes, completion is 1, and incomplete is 0. When the work in process is online, its initial value is 0.

2. Write the code into the RFID electronic tag and bind it to the product in production.

3, when the product completes a process and leaves the station, modify the corresponding bit code.

4, read the corresponding code of the RFID electronic tag, you can determine the completed process and the process being completed.


The goal of production process control is to determine the assembly route and assembly mode of the product statically or dynamically according to the information of the product in process. The basic principle is: After real-time detection of the information of the product in process, the path selection instructions and assembly prompts are generated according to the assembly route and assembly mode set by the control system. The system is mainly composed of RFID data acquisition system, station controller, Kanban and route selection actuator.


The assembly route of the product in process can be either a static route developed before the line, or a dynamic route temporarily changed after the line. The concept of "virtual production line" is adopted to assign a virtual production line to each living product. According to the assembly requirements of the live product, the virtual live wire is generated. The active product code in the RFID electronic tag is bound to the virtual production line, and then the tag is bound to the active product. When multipath selection is made in the product, the reader reads the product code in the label and determines the next station according to the information in the virtual production line. The advantage of this algorithm is that when the manufacturing process of the raw product needs to be changed, only the virtual production line and station relationship stored in the controller need to be changed, which is easy to dynamically control the assembly path.


In the field of intelligent manufacturing, RFID technology realizes the intelligent control of production processes and traceability, production tracking and counting. In terms of process management of manufacturing production line, it can improve the visualization and controllability level of workshop manufacturing process and increase the production efficiency of enterprises.


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