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Company news about Application of RFID technology in warehousing and logistics
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Application of RFID technology in warehousing and logistics


Latest company news about Application of RFID technology in warehousing and logistics

RFID technology is a non-contact automatic identification technology, non-contact two-way communication through the radio frequency signal, to achieve the purpose of automatic identification of the target object and obtain relevant data information. It has the advantages of non-contact, large capacity, fast, high fault tolerance, anti-interference and corrosion resistance, safety and reliability, not only the identification distance can be near and far, but also can read a large number of RFID tags, more importantly, RFID can penetrate the object, so as to identify the RFID tag inside the object, is widely used in new retail and warehousing logistics and other fields.


latest company news about Application of RFID technology in warehousing and logistics  0

Application in warehousing and logistics


When warehousing logistics and RFID technology are combined, multiple goods information can be collected without direct contact, which greatly improves the efficiency of goods inventory, realizes inventory visualization, greatly improves the accuracy of warehouse inventory, effectively solves the problem of warehouse shortages, and helps enterprises carry out procurement and distribution operations.


1) The traditional manual inventory method can handle an average of 200 pieces of goods an hour, the use of RFID technology after this number increased to 14,000 pieces/hour, the efficiency of warehouse inventory greatly improved, so that the store can frequently take regular inventory or set up several fixed RFID readers in the store to manage the inventory of goods. RFID technology inventory is fast and good, and it is said that the use of RFID technology can increase the inventory accuracy rate from the industry average of 65% to 95%. RFID technology can achieve accurate inventory and help consumers find the goods they need, so more goods can be sold at full price instead of waiting for a discount, which increases profits and reduces commodity losses.

2) Through RFID technology, businesses can advance the items that may be out of stock, remind stores to replenish inventory in a timely and appropriate manner, and reduce the stock shortage rate. The reduction of the out-of-stock rate forced the growth of sales, and after the store introduced RFID technology to solve the problem of out-of-stock, the store sales achieved significant growth. In addition, in the processing of inventory distribution/cargo transfer and other operations, RFID technology can also help stores develop more accurate strategies, achieve high-precision real-time cargo replenishment and distribution, further improve the level of inventory management, and reduce inventory losses.


The introduction of RFID into the warehouse management system can not only reduce labor intensity, but also greatly improve work efficiency. Shengjing iWMS system, the core product of Shanghai Shengjing Network Technology Co., LTD., is a set of RFID-based logistics management system, which can greatly simplify the inventory management of items and meet the needs of increasing information flow and increasing information processing speed.


RFID technology can play an important role in the field of warehousing and logistics, which plays an important role in enhancing the competitiveness of modern retail enterprises. As the cost of RFID technology introduction decreases year by year, the ROI ratio of use is also getting higher and higher. For companies, if they don't use this technology, they risk being left behind by their competitors.


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