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Company news about BOWEI launched RFID handheld terminal, leading the informatization innovation of linen washing industry
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BOWEI launched RFID handheld terminal, leading the informatization innovation of linen washing industry


Latest company news about BOWEI launched RFID handheld terminal, leading the informatization innovation of linen washing industry

The traditional way of counting and receiving linen washing mainly relies on manual collection, which has many limitations, such as slow inventory speed, frequent poor information, inadequate management and control of products, materials and customer information, etc. These problems may not only lead to customer loss, but also waste valuable human and material resources.


In order to solve these problems, the application of RFID handheld terminals in the linen washing industry is particularly important. RFID handheld terminal can quickly read and record the RFID tag information on the cloth, so as to achieve rapid inventory, real-time tracking and accurate management of the cloth. Below, we will analyze in detail the specific application of RFID handheld terminals in the linen washing industry.


First, linen warehousing and inventory

When the linen is stored, each piece of linen is sewn with an RFID tag in the shape of a strip. This label contains the unique identification number of the cloth and other relevant information. By using RFID handheld terminals, staff can quickly scan and read the information on these tags, enabling rapid warehousing of linen.

In the inventory process, RFID handheld terminals also play an important role. The traditional inventory method needs to manually check the cloth one by one, which is not only time-consuming but also prone to error. The RFID handheld terminal can read the information of multiple RFID tags at one time, greatly improving the speed and accuracy of the inventory. The staff only need to walk through the straw pile with a handheld terminal to quickly complete the inventory and upload the data to the management system in real time.

Second, linen washing process management

In the linen washing process, the application of RFID handheld terminals makes the entire process more transparent and controllable. When the linen enters the washing process, the staff can use the RFID handheld terminal to scan the RFID tag on the linen and obtain the relevant information of the linen, such as material, stain type, etc. This information can help the staff to choose the appropriate washing procedures and detergents to improve the washing effect.

In the washing process, the RFID handheld terminal can also record the washing state and washing time of the cloth in real time. When the linen is finished washing, the staff again uses the RFID handheld terminal to scan the tag, confirming that the linen has been cleaned and is ready for the next step.

Third, linen search and positioning

In the linen washing industry, linen search and positioning is an important link. When the customer needs to retrieve the linen, the staff can input the relevant information of the linen through the RFID handheld terminal, such as name, number, etc. When the specified RFID tag information is identified, the handheld terminal will locate the location of the cloth through vibration or voice prompt, helping the staff to quickly find the cloth and deliver it to the customer.

In addition, RFID handheld terminals can also achieve real-time monitoring of linen. By reading the information on the RFID tag, the terminal can understand the use of cloth, washing status and other real-time information. This enables managers to find and deal with problems in the use of linen in a timely manner, such as linen loss, damage, etc.


RFID handheld terminal is recommended

BH-01 is a multi-functional UHF RFID inventory handheld reading and writing device, which can quickly locate electronic tags and support three wireless communication modes: Bluetooth, WiFi and 4G. Bluetooth communication with smart terminals such as mobile phones and tablets, and data interaction with background systems through WiFi and 4G; The device supports both one - and two-dimensional scanning engines. Compared with the traditional handheld reader, the device has the advantages of lightness, fast positioning and long recognition distance. At the same time, it also has excellent performance in reading speed, accuracy, anti-interference ability, protection performance and so on. It can be widely used in books and archives management, logistics management, warehousing management, asset management, commercial retail and many other fields.


latest company news about BOWEI launched RFID handheld terminal, leading the informatization innovation of linen washing industry  0


In response to the challenges faced by the traditional linen washing inventory industry, such as low inventory efficiency, asymmetric information and insufficient management and control of product, material and customer information, BOWEI innovatively launched the BH-01 RFID handheld terminal. With its excellent performance, the terminal realizes real-time tracking, traceability and accurate information control of the washing times, status, position and inventory data, thus greatly promoting the information and intelligence of the work flow. This not only significantly improves the work efficiency of personnel, but also effectively improves the utilization rate of assets, which has brought revolutionary changes to the linen washing inventory industry.

Product advantage

  1. Built-in circular polarization antenna, support the size of the power manual fast switching, can meet the remote reading and short distance accurate positioning requirements. Especially suitable for books, logistics, retail and other fields of single product quick search.
  2. Built-in azimuth sensing sensor, using a patented algorithm to quickly guide the search label, sensing vibration directly in front.
  3. Storage capacity Optional, supports a maximum of 5w label data
  4. It can work independently or cooperate with intelligent terminal through Bluetooth, which is convenient and fast
  5. Direct data delivery with background management system via WiFi or 4G communication
  6. Support UHF RFID, barcode scanning engine (optional)
  7. The use of industry-leading high-performance RF chips, excellent read and write performance, multi-label inventory and read distance leading the industry.
  8. Independent mold opening, stylish appearance, simple operation interface.
  9. Interactive body sense that supports voice prompt and vibration motor prompt function.
  10. Using near and far field antenna and AI algorithm, it can realize the function of single label card issuance and control card issuance without mistake.
  11. Support large battery capacity pack expansion, battery capacity can reach 10000mAh or more.

In summary, the application of RFID handheld terminals in the linen washing industry has extensive and far-reaching significance. It not only improves work efficiency and management efficiency, but also makes the entire linen washing process more transparent and controllable. With the continuous progress of technology and the continuous expansion of application scenarios, RFID handheld terminals will play a more important role in the linen washing industry.


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