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Company news about Bowei will participate in IOTE 2024 Shanghai station
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Bowei will participate in IOTE 2024 Shanghai station


Latest company news about Bowei will participate in IOTE 2024 Shanghai station

From April 24 to 26, IOTE 2024 21st International Internet of Things Exhibition Shanghai will be opened at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center. This exhibition will focus on the latest technologies and applications in artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, 5G communication, biomedicine and other fields, and showcase the wisdom and innovation of industry leaders. As the world's leading RFID hardware solution provider, Shenzhen Bowei RFID Technology Co., LTD. (Booth No. : 3A161), will bring its series of RFID innovative products to the exhibition, welcome industry friends to come to the exhibition, learn and exchange, to participate in the industry event.


As a leader in RFID technology, Bowei has been committed to the research and development and application of RFID technology for many years, and has accumulated rich experience and technical strength. At this exhibition, Bowei Intelligent will exhibit a number of star products including RFID basic product series, RFID intelligent access control series and RFID intelligent equipment series, fully demonstrating its comprehensive layout and innovation ability in the field of RFID technology.


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Bowei RFID basic product series


In terms of RFID basic product series, Bowman Intelligent will showcase a number of high-performance RFID antennas, RFID tags and RFID readers and other core components. These products have significant advantages such as fast reading and writing speed, high identification accuracy, strong anti-interference ability, and can meet the application needs in different scenarios. Whether it is warehousing, logistics, books and archives, or retail industry, asset management and other scenarios, Bo Wei intelligent RFID basic products can provide stable and reliable support.


In terms of RFID access control series, Bowei will launch a number of RFID access control products, including vertical access control and ceiling access control. This series of products is mainly used in the field of intelligent anti-theft, statistics of goods in and out and anti-theft prevention and loss prevention, through this application can also realize the tracking and tracing of goods and other processes, providing a more convenient and safe access management solution for all kinds of places.


In addition, Bowei will also bring RFID intelligent equipment series, including intelligent file management equipment, intelligent tool management equipment, intelligent medical cabinet and other products. These intelligent equipment integrates RFID technology, which can realize the search and positioning of items and rapid inventory, greatly improve the management efficiency and accuracy of archives, tools and other industries, and provide strong support for the intelligent upgrade of enterprises.


At IOTE 2024 Shanghai International Internet of Things Exhibition, Bowei will join hands with many industry partners to discuss the development trend and future opportunities of Internet of Things technology. The company hopes to establish contact with more partners through this exhibition and jointly promote the prosperity and development of the Internet of Things industry. At the same time, Bowei Intelligent will continue to be committed to RFID technology research and development and innovation, to bring more high-quality and efficient RFID products and services to the industry.


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