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Company news about Bowei will participate in the 2024 RFID Journal LIVE
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Bowei will participate in the 2024 RFID Journal LIVE


Latest company news about Bowei will participate in the 2024 RFID Journal LIVE

With the continuous progress and innovation of technology, radio frequency identification (RFID) technology has become a key force to promote the digital transformation of various industries. In this context, Bowei, as a leader in the RFID industry, will participate in the 22nd International Radio Frequency Technology Exhibition 2024 RFID Journal LIVE. The exhibition will be held from April 9 to 11, 2024 in Las Vegas, USA, and Bowei will take this opportunity to showcase its latest technological achievements and innovative applications in the field of RFID, our booth number is 222.


As the world's most influential RF technology event, RFID Journal LIVE is now in its 22nd year, bringing together the elites of the global RFID industry to focus on the latest technology trends, market developments and application innovations. It is worth noting that the RFID exhibition is the only professional exhibition in the industry to guide the audience in detail how to apply RFID technology in business, and it will share the latest and most practical cases with the audience and manufacturers. In addition, the exhibition will also invite global well-known RFID business executives to the scene to share valuable experience with exhibitors and visitors. As a leader in the field of RFID, Bowei has been leading the development of the industry with its excellent technical strength and forward-looking innovative thinking. At this exhibition, Bowei will showcase a series of industry-leading RFID products and solutions to provide customers around the world with a more efficient and intelligent RFID application experience.


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During the exhibition, Bowei will focus on the display of RFID Antennas, RFID Readers and RFID Gate Reader system products, which can be widely used in the Internet of things, warehouse management, retail, medical, logistics and other fields. Through the on-site product demonstration and video demonstration, customers have an in-depth understanding of the research and development strength and application capability of Bo Wei Intelligent in RFID technology. In addition, we will also conduct in-depth exchanges with global peers to jointly discuss the future development trends and market opportunities of RFID technology.


Bowei's exhibition not only shows the company's strong strength in the field of RFID, but also further enhances the company's visibility and influence in the global market. In the future, Bowei will continue to uphold the concept of "Internet of Things, innovation", provide global customers with better quality and smarter RFID products and services, promote the popularization and application of RFID technology worldwide, create more value for global customers, and jointly open a new chapter of RFID technology.


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