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Company news about Broadradio provides an RFID Reader for an intelligent warehouse management project
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Broadradio provides an RFID Reader for an intelligent warehouse management project


Latest company news about Broadradio provides an RFID Reader for an intelligent warehouse management project

Recently, Mr. Sun of a factory in Hubei wanted to use RFID for management in his warehouse. At present, the RFID electronic tag has been selected, and now he wants to buy an excellent RFID all-in-one machine. We compared several RFID hardware companies through online consultation, and finally chose to cooperate with Broadradio. The factory is mainly engaged in garment production, and the warehouse needs to manage the garments entering and leaving the warehouse to improve the existing work efficiency.


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Warehouse management is an important part of enterprise management. Many companies encounter problems in warehouse management such as untimely information reflection, time-consuming and labor-consuming, asymmetry of information, and mixed inventory. The combination of UHF RFID technology and software system realizes the intelligent management of the warehouse. Paste RFID tags on each goods that need to be managed, install RFID integrated machines on the channels where the goods may flow, the upper computer system divides the warehouse into areas or classification management, when the goods move, the system automatically tracks its location and determines In the new direction, RFID handheld devices are used when goods are counted, and the goods information is written into the label in time.


BRD-01SI is a UHF RFID reading and writing device integrating antenna and reader. It supports ISO18000-6C protocol. The working frequency band covers the national standard dual frequency 920MHz~925MHz, 840MHz~845MHz and FCC, 902MHz~928MHz and ETSI. , 865MHz~868MHz, output power 0dBm~33dBm optional, with portability, long recognition distance, fast reading speed, high accuracy, strong anti-interference ability, excellent protection performance and easy installation and use.

Compared with traditional fixed readers, this reader device has obvious advantages in terms of convenience and integration efficiency, so that customers do not need to consider the issue of the coordination of readers and antennas. It can be widely used in many fields such as warehouse management, personnel management, asset management, commercial retail and automatic vehicle identification.

Product advantage

Using industry-leading high-performance RF chips, and a built-in 9dBi circularly polarized antenna, which perfectly integrates the sensing and reading and writing effects
The reader has high radio frequency integration, which perfectly integrates the antenna and RFID reading and writing, minus the cumbersome process in the middle, and also provides a variety of communication interfaces
The built-in Android system with mature applications has strong scalability, supports multiple development languages, and has a convenient SDK development package, which is easy to project integration.
Comply with EPC C1G2, ISO18000-6B/C, GB/T29768-2013 (optional) and other protocols; support multiple working frequency bands at the same time
Independent mold opening, sealed with no dead angle package, support IP67 protection level, waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, stable work even if exposed to harsh environments
Adopting mature and multi-verified intensive circuit design, superior consistency, and the software intelligently monitors the working status, which can work stably for 24 hours X 365 days

Mr. Sun bought a set of BRD-01SI all-in-one machine prototypes. After testing, he was very satisfied with the application requirements of the project. He was very satisfied with our products and said that the follow-up RFID products were purchased from us. Broadradio is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the RFID, production and sales of UHF rfid hardware for 10 years. It has excellent independent innovation capabilities, has obtained a number of national and international patents, and has more than 10,000 square meters of R&D and production in South China. The base has more than 500 production employees to ensure production capacity, and is equipped with more than 20 high-standard testing equipment to ensure product quality. It is your ideal partner.


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