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Company news about How to choose RFID antenna correctly in project application
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How to choose RFID antenna correctly in project application


Latest company news about How to choose RFID antenna correctly in project application

How to choose RFID antenna correctly in project application


Usually contact the project management application has warehouse management, logistics management, production line management, library management, archives management, vehicle management, clothing retail management, fixed assets management, etc., often in the process of contacting the project do not know how to choose the antenna correctly, the usual thinking is to use Laierde antenna, think the imported brand must be reliable, so that they do not think whether it is suitable for the project use environment, in the project series reading, misreading, low recognition rate is the most common problem, is also the user's most headache problem, these problems can be solved with the antenna



latest company news about How to choose RFID antenna correctly in project application  0

1, warehousing logistics


In the warehouse logistics books management will use the access control system, the need to achieve the function is to check in and out, anti-theft, regional positioning, etc., in the project is the most common problem is misreading, access control installation is at the door, and the warehouse shelf from the door about a meter away, usually the antenna will read the label on the shelf, in similar projects, the antenna selection must be circular polarization narrow beam antenna, because the direction of the label is messy, so the antenna polarization is very important, then the narrow beam antenna, because the door management is left and right sides of the radiation as narrow as possible, so that you can ensure that the warehouse does not misread the label, ordinary antenna in the same power, 3 meters outside the degree can read the label, and the narrow-wave antenna can control the periphery of 1 meters to read, the narrow-wave antenna another advantage is the horizontal beam is narrow, vertical beam width, so that the goods can be very high stacked normally recognized, a good solution to misreading, serial reading and other problems.

2, vehicle production line management


In the vehicle production line management, adjacent tags are often read in series. In similar projects, the direction of label installation is basically the same, so the line polarization antenna can be selected. The beam angle of the line polarization antenna E or H can be 30 degrees, so the radiation is very narrow, which can well solve the problem of adjacent tags reading in series.

3, file management

In the file management, it is usually necessary to identify how many files are in a cabinet, or to be precise to how many copies are in each layer. The thickness of the file bag is basically inconsistent. Second, we need to choose the antenna with a very uniform field distribution. Often, many users think that the antenna of the file and the reader is very close and should be identified by the near field antenna. In fact, it is not so. Far field antenna should be selected as the near field to use, because the antenna is installed inside or below the cabinet in many file management projects, requiring the identification distance of about 15-30CM. The ordinary near field antenna may identify the farthest 30CM under the maximum power of the reader, or the case of ensuring the performance of the tag is very good. In this way, there is no margin in use, and there is not enough energy to supplement the energy lost in the accumulation of the tag.


What problems can RFID antenna selection solve?

There are often various problems in the application of the project, which is easy to make people misjudge, so that they do not know where the problem is!
Antenna can solve: beam width field distribution gain size polarization characteristics.
Reader solve: multi-tag ability receiving sensitivity reading distance output power.


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