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Company news about How to select the correct type of RFID reader antenna in file management
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How to select the correct type of RFID reader antenna in file management


Latest company news about How to select the correct type of RFID reader antenna in file management

First, let's first understand the composition of the RFID system. The RFID system is mainly composed of a tag (Tag), a reader (Reader) and an antenna (Antenna). It is mainly to realize the process of data collection. These three together determine the RFID system. The actual effect is that the design of the read-write antenna determines the read-write range of the reader and whether the tag can be activated, so the RFID read-write antenna plays a pivotal role in the entire system.
RFID system composition

latest company news about How to select the correct type of RFID reader antenna in file management  0

About RFID reader antenna selection


Speaking of RFID reader antennas, we often don't know how to choose antennas in project applications. The most important points for choosing antennas are: polarization direction, antenna gain, beam angle, working frequency band, mechanical size, application environment, etc. In file management, we need to choose an antenna with a very uniform field distribution. Many users think that the file and the reader antenna are very close and should be identified by the near-field antenna. In fact, this is not the case, and the far-field antenna should be selected as the near-field. Use, because in many file management projects, the antenna is installed inside or below the cabinet, and the recognition distance is required to be about 15-30CM. Ordinary near-field antennas may be recognized as far as 30CM under the maximum power of the reader. Still need Under the condition that the label performance is very good, there is no margin in use, and there is not enough energy to supplement the energy lost in the accumulation of the label.


How to select the correct type of RFID antenna in file management

In layman's terms, the antenna is a passive middleware, which is converted into electromagnetic waves by the reader's transmitting power and emitted by the antenna. After receiving the tag information, the electromagnetic waves are returned. It has no great mystery, it is just a transmitting and receiving component, but it is indispensable in the use of RFID! Broadwei smart RFID antenna experts tell you: a good antenna is not only easy to achieve the expected design purpose, but also simplifies the originally complicated work! In this step of RFID antenna selection, it is recommended to consult a professional RFID company to obtain the best system integration effect. Broadway Intelligence is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the R&D, production and sales of UHF rfid hardware for more than 10 years. It has excellent independent innovation capabilities, obtained a number of national and international patents, and has more than 10,000 square meters of R&D and production in South China. The base has more than 500 production employees to ensure production capacity, and is equipped with more than 20 high-standard testing equipment to ensure product quality. It is your ideal partner.


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