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Company news about New product recommendation: UHF rfid intelligent file cabinet
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New product recommendation: UHF rfid intelligent file cabinet


Latest company news about New product recommendation: UHF rfid intelligent file cabinet

With the development of information management in China's archives industry, traditional file management methods and technical methods have many drawbacks, such as cumbersome and inefficient file workflow, lengthy sorting time, easy file ordering, file verification, and long time-consuming review. , the file inventory efficiency is low, etc., can not meet the actual needs. By adopting advanced RFID automatic identification technology and computer software technology, the RFID electronic tag is used as the information storage medium and pasted on the portfolio, the basic information of the file and the return record are stored in the RFID chip, and the RFID reading and writing device is utilized. In conjunction with the back-end database management system, it can realize the information management of the borrowing, returning, searching and inventorying of the file.


latest company news about New product recommendation: UHF rfid intelligent file cabinet  0


Broadradio's self-developed RFID intelligent file cabinet is an intelligent product that supports the EPC C1 G2 (ISO18000-6C) protocol, applies RFID technology, and interfaces with the library system and database. The main components are industrial computer, RFID system control box, hub, antenna box, structural file cabinet and so on.

The product adopts steel structure, the smallest unit has 5 layers of single-sided design, and each layer can hold about 100-200 files. The front of the file cabinet is equipped with a touch screen display, which can display the information of the files on the entire file cabinet, and can also be connected to the network. Retrieve the location of the file cabinet where the file is located. The product is equipped with a dedicated antenna, which can effectively avoid misreading the file labels on the upper and lower sides, the front and rear, the left and right adjacent layers or the adjacent file cabinets, and can achieve a file recognition success rate of more than 99%. The product can be widely used in government, banking, finance, legal, business management, real estate, land administration and other important document management. Has the following features:



1. Independent intellectual property design
2, with Linux operating system
3. Support EPC C1 G2 (ISO18000-6C) agreement
4, the output power supports up to 33dbm, the power size is adjustable (the range is 8 dBm -33dBm)
5, with file import, registration, inventory, inquiry, file borrowing and approval function
6, with a shelf area (one area between the two partitions) positioning function
7, the regional spacing is typically 200mm
8. Ensure that there are no misinterpretations between file cabinets. The file cabinet spacing can be as small as 0.8 meters, and the typical value is 1.2 meters.
9, the inventory rate is fast, the inventory of 20 areas of information time up to 8 seconds
10, can realize real-time inventory function, can find the wrong cabinet file in real time.
11, the port dwell time is freely set in 10ms (typical value 50ms), can adapt to more application needs
12, secondary development is convenient, provide a complete API interface
13, built-in eight-way optical isolation GPIO port, can expand more application requirements


UHF RFID technology has the characteristics of long reading distance, fast recognition speed, good penetrability, strong multi-tag recognition ability and high recognition accuracy. The intelligent file cabinet based on UHF rfid technology can realize the borrowing, returning, searching and inventory of files. The information management of the process effectively improves the efficiency of file management and realizes the “digital archives” in the true sense.


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