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Company news about RFID Intelligent File Management System Solution
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RFID Intelligent File Management System Solution


Latest company news about RFID Intelligent File Management System Solution


Traditional file management methods have many disadvantages, such as cumbersome and inefficient file management workflows and lengthy organization time; the storage order of files is easily disrupted; the time required for file verification and inspection is long; the security capability of files is weak; the degree of file informationization Low; archive inventory efficiency is very low.


In response to the above problems, our company independently developed a complete and scientific RFID intelligent file management system to solve the pain points of file management for users to the greatest extent. The system can realize real-time inventory checking, positioning, querying, quick loading and unloading, etc., allowing each file to be electronically and systematically managed, ensuring the integrity, traceability of file information, and realizing the management of the entire life cycle of the file. This system can be widely used in the construction of smart archives / archives, including public archives, archives of government departments at all levels, archives of enterprises and institutions, etc. In order to achieve breakthrough progress in "smart archives", the information management process of archives is strongly promoted.

Functions of RFID intelligent file management system: file entry, file query, file borrowing and return, file inventory, file uploading and dropping, security monitoring, file report and other functions.


l The file entry system implements file cataloging, file classification, and electronic label conversion functions.

l The file query system supports file retrieval and file positioning functions. Retrieve according to different types of archives. The retrieved archives display the location information of the archives.

l The file borrowing and returning system implements the borrowing and approval of archives. The confidentiality of archives varies, and the reviewers of archives are different. When the borrowing period is approaching, the system will automatically pop up a return reminder and remind the file manager of the file information to be returned. At the same time, a text message is sent to remind.

l The file inventory system implements the real-time inventory function of the archives. The administrator clicks the inventory button in the background. The system automatically inventory and provides inventory reports.

l The file loading and unloading system realizes the loading and unloading of files and the storage of files. There is no perception of the files on or off the shelf. Files are managed out and in.

l The file security monitoring system is combined with RFID security access control equipment, and unauthorized files are moved out of the file room without permission. The system automatically alarms.

l The file report system provides various report data of the file, file borrowing data, file inventory data, file location data, file life cycle data can be traced back, statistics can be analyzed, and analysis can be performed. Achieving brains of wisdom files.

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The RFID intelligent file management system integrates RFID intelligent dense racks, RFID intelligent file cabinets, librarian workstations, smart inventory vehicles, RFID security access control, handheld inventory terminals, electronic tags and other hardware devices. It can be efficient and accurate with the back-end system management software. , Intelligently manage the archives and warehouses safely.


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