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Company news about RFID intelligent file management system solution
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RFID intelligent file management system solution


Latest company news about RFID intelligent file management system solution

Traditional file management methods have the following pain points:

1. Most of the file management is still at the stage of visual management
2. There is a general lack of automatic identification methods, which is not conducive to the development of inventory work
3. Archives generally lack an accurate grasp of the availability and location of physical archives
4. Lack of accurate understanding of whether the files are in the library, etc., and lack of safety management mechanism
5. The file cataloging process is cumbersome and inefficient, and it takes a long time to organize
6. File retrieval takes a long time, and the accuracy of retrieval is difficult to meet the requirements
7. The order of file storage is easy to be disrupted, and it is difficult to find it if it is put in the wrong place
8. The file inventory operation is unscientific
9. File loss prevention work is backward, and many precious files are lost or lost
10. The management of expired archives is lagging behind, and the destruction of expired archives is not timely
11. File flow management is chaotic, and frequent loss and file disconnection occur


In response to the above problems, Broadway Intelligence has developed a complete and scientific RFID intelligent file management system solution, including file entry, file query, file loan and return, file inventory, file storage, safety monitoring, file reporting and other functions. Realize archives real-time inventory, positioning, query, quick loading and unloading, etc., so that each archive can be electronically and systematically managed to realize archives full life cycle process management. It can be widely used in public archives, archives of government departments at all levels, and archives of enterprises and institutions.

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Advantages of RFID intelligent file management system

1. Realize files electronically and adopt RFID technology, which can realize real-time inventory, positioning, query, fast loading and unloading and other functions to realize disorderly storage and orderly management
2. Improve efficiency, realize full library inventory in 5 minutes, 3D navigation, automatic identification, automatic tracking, which greatly shortens time and reduces workload
3. Full life cycle process management, complete the whole process file management from file registration and storage to storage, transfer, loan and return approval, etc.
4. Security guarantee, bind the RFID tag to each file, when the files that have not been approved are moved, real-time alarm prompts are given to avoid file loss
5. Authority and approval management: Assign and manage authority for users; support multi-unit data management and independent management of subordinate department files;
6. Data statistics, real-time monitoring of file status, and file information query and statistics services to realize digitization, intelligence, timeliness, and visualization


The application of intelligent file management is a comprehensive application of multiple RFID technologies. The application of RFID intelligent file management system provides convenience for file managers, and also provides a more efficient way to improve file management efficiency and reduce archive management costs. The emergence of the RFID intelligent archive management system maximizes the application value of RFID technology in archives, and realizes the real "digital archives".


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