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Company news about RFID technology makes the logistics automatic sorting system more efficient
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RFID technology makes the logistics automatic sorting system more efficient


Latest company news about RFID technology makes the logistics automatic sorting system more efficient

The rapid development of e-commerce and logistics industry has led to increasing pressure on warehouse diversion, and even sudden warehouse situations. The traditional sorting methods mainly use barcodes, QR codes and other technologies, which have problems such as low efficiency, low automation, and high labor costs. How to improve logistics efficiency is an urgent task facing e-commerce logistics. RFID technology has the advantages of long recognition distance, fast speed, strong anti-interference ability, and simultaneous recognition of multiple tags. It has broad application prospects in logistics, warehousing, manufacturing, transportation and other fields, and its application in logistics sorting is more efficient.


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First of all, let's first understand the application of rfid technology in the automatic sorting system.


1. Before the start of the sorting operation, the picking information must be processed first. The logistics sorting operation should form the picking data according to the sorting list output by the order processing system, and then perform the sorting operation. Use a sorter to automatically sort packages to improve sorting accuracy.

2. Using computer control center technology, the goods and classification information are automatically processed, and data instructions are formed and transmitted to the sorting machine.

3. The sorter uses automatic identification devices such as RFID technology to automatically sort and pick the goods. RFID electronic tags are attached to each package, and RFID radio frequency antennas and readers are installed at the sorting point. When the RFID-labeled package passes through the sorting port, the RFID reader reads the label information on the package and sends it to In the background, the background sorting crossing discharge device pushes the express shipments into the classification level according to the pre-set classification requirements, and completes the automatic sorting operation, which improves the accuracy and efficiency.

E-commerce logistics is facing individualized and diversified needs. The volume of product orders is large and the zero-dismantling rate is very high. It even has to pick a book or a bottle of medicine. Picking is a key link in the logistics center, and its efficiency is directly Affect the efficiency of the entire center. In recent years, the problem of over-stocking is that the picking efficiency is too low to cope with the sudden increase in picking workload, and there is a serious backlog of goods. The application of RFID technology can increase the speed and accuracy of picking, and significantly improve logistics efficiency.

RFID application benefits

1. It can sort goods continuously and in large quantities. Due to the assembly line automatic operation method, the automatic sorting system is not restricted by climate, time, human physical strength, etc., and can run continuously, and the RFID technology has the characteristics of multi-tag simultaneous identification, which can identify 500-1000 pieces of goods per second, which improves efficiency 90%.

2. The sorting error rate is extremely low. RFID has uniqueness, can realize one item one code management goods, and the sorting error rate is less than 1%.

3. The sorting operation is basically unmanned. The RFID automatic sorting system is used to automatically sort and pick goods, reduce the labor intensity of workers, reduce personnel costs, and basically achieve unmanned.

RFID antenna product recommendation

latest company news about RFID technology makes the logistics automatic sorting system more efficient  1

The selection of RFID antenna mainly considers the polarization direction, antenna gain, beam angle, working frequency, mechanical size, application environment, etc. In order to ensure that the tag can be read at random rotation, we use a circular polarization antenna, which is in good condition with the coaxial cable. Matching and good directionality, small size, easy to install. Then confirm the location and quantity of the antenna installation according to the on-site environment. Because RFID recognition is restricted in the metal environment, the directivity and installation location of the RFID antenna are very important. It usually takes repeated tests on site to find the best angle and obtain the best recognition effect. Broadwin's intelligent team has more than ten years of technical experience in the field of RFID technology, and has designed a variety of general-purpose far-field antennas with stable performance for various complex application environments, which have the characteristics of high gain, low standing wave, and stable performance.


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