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Company news about RFID+ visual Internet of Things becomes a new trend of store anti-theft
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RFID+ visual Internet of Things becomes a new trend of store anti-theft


Latest company news about RFID+ visual Internet of Things becomes a new trend of store anti-theft

With the continuous development of retail industry, the problem of store anti-theft is becoming increasingly prominent. Traditional anti-theft methods, such as electronic Theft Prevention Systems (EAS), no longer fully meet the needs of modern retailers. In this context, Shrink Analyzer was created to provide a new solution for retailers.


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Shrink Analyzer is a cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) application designed for loss detection and analysis through UHF RFID solutions integrated with video analytics. The system combines RFID data with Sensormatic's video technology to give retailers real-time insight into losses and help them take preventive measures to reduce the risk of losing merchandise.


The applications of Shrink Analyzer are very broad. Based on the analysis provided by the system, store managers can adjust security strategies to improve in-store safety. For example, if thefts are more common at 4 p.m. on a Friday, store management can choose to increase security at that time. In addition, the system can indicate which goods are vulnerable to theft, or under what conditions and circumstances. Retailers can take steps based on this information to improve the safety of specific products.


Another important feature of Shrink Analyzer is to provide real-time video evidence. When an item goes missing, the system can backtrack and find relevant video evidence. This evidence can not only be used to potentially track down what has been lost, but can also be provided to law enforcement to crack down on thefts.


With the continuous progress of technology, the performance of RFID readers is becoming more and more powerful, but the ensuing problem is that the problem of stray reading is also becoming more and more serious. To solve this problem, Shrink Analyzer employs a series of algorithms to filter out RF noise and capture label readings only when items leave the store. These algorithms can identify labels removed from the store and correlate label readings with video, greatly improving the accuracy and reliability of the data.


In addition to Shrink Analyzer, Sensormatic offers a range of other features such as foil detection and RFID Seam tags. Foil detection can identify and block people carrying foil at the store entrance from entering the store, thereby preventing them from using foil to block RFID signals. The RFID Seam tag is a new type of tag that can be embedded directly into clothing, providing clothing retailers with a better anti-theft solution.


Shrink Analyzer is a forward-thinking store anti-theft solution. Through UHF RFID technology integrated with video analytics, it provides retailers with real-time loss insights and effective prevention measures, providing a safer, more reliable and efficient shopping environment.


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