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Company news about Talk about the application of RFID IOTE technology in various industries
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Talk about the application of RFID IOTE technology in various industries


Latest company news about Talk about the application of RFID IOTE technology in various industries

With the arrival of the mobile Internet era with 5G technology as the benchmark, the Internet of everything and the perception of everything are gradually becoming a reality, and RFID, as an important supporting technology for the perception of the outside world of the Internet of things, has also witnessed its development in recent years. According to IDTechEx research, by 2025, the market value of RFID applications in China will reach $4.3 billion. The application of RFID technology in various fields is gradually popularized.


latest company news about Talk about the application of RFID IOTE technology in various industries  0


1. Clothing retail

The clothing retail industry as a part of the real economy survival is worrying, known as "men's wardrobe" Heilan home's recent performance is eye-catching, it opened more than 460 new stores in 2014, 2015 opened more than 260 new stores, to the first half of 2016 is a new 650 stores. In fact, Heilan Home has long realized the great value of RFID technology for clothing retail, in 2014, Heilan home started the research and development of RFID flow reading system, and in 2015, the RFID intelligent receiving and shipping system was officially put into use. After the introduction of RFID technology, the receiving and shipping part of the labor is reduced to one third of the original at the same time, the efficiency is also increased by 5 to 14 times, Heilan Home has become the first large-scale application of the Internet of Things RFID radio frequency reading and writing technology clothing enterprises.


2. Aviation

In the field of transportation, the reasons why RFID smart tags are more suitable for the aviation industry include: it can easily access the existing departure control system (DCS) and baggage and package management system (BRS), and can be combined with the existing bar code system; Increased data storage capacity without increasing the size of existing labels; Can carry some key information in the package source Information (BSM) to facilitate the operation of the package without going through the central database; Can be easily integrated into existing package label printers without adding additional equipment; The use of electronic tags can save some extra equipment costs during shipping.


3. Intelligent manufacturing

The application of RFID in intelligent manufacturing is mainly reflected in:

(1) Digital workshop based on RFID technology. The applications of RFID in digital workshops mainly include tool and auxiliary tool management, equipment intelligent maintenance, and workshop mixed-flow manufacturing.

(2) Intelligent product lifecycle management based on RFID technology. Intelligence is an important direction and trend of the future development of mechanical and electrical products, and one of the keys to product intelligence is how to realize the rapid acquisition and sharing of its whole life cycle information.

(3) Intelligent manufacturing logistics based on RFID technology. The RFID system is integrated with the automatic repository system of manufacturing enterprises, which can realize the automation of in-process products and goods in and out of the warehouse and the batch identification of goods.

4. Anti-counterfeiting traceability

RFID technology can control the production, circulation and sales process of the entire product, achieve product tracking and supervision, and solve the problem that the current conventional anti-counterfeiting technology can not track the whole process. Anti-counterfeiting technology and products based on RFID technology have been widely used in food safety and other anti-counterfeiting traceability system management. It is believed that in the future, RFID will be further popularized in the field of anti-counterfeiting traceability.


5. Asset management

RFID and information technology-based fixed asset management systems monitor enterprise resources through the use of RFID electronic tags, readers and software. Combined with bar code management technology, each asset is given a unique RFID electronic tag, from the asset purchase enterprise to the entire life cycle of asset withdrawal, can be tracked and managed for the fixed assets.


6. Intelligent transportation

With the development of intelligent transportation, RFID technology has also ushered in new opportunities, and is increasingly applied to the field of urban traffic management, among which, automotive electronic identification system is the typical application of RFID in urban traffic management. Vehicle information can be accurately collected in real time by affisting electronic identification on the front windshield of the vehicle and laying read and write base stations on urban roads, thus breaking the bottleneck of the original traffic information collection technology, realizing accurate identification of vehicle identity, dynamic collection of vehicle information and mass collection of traffic information, and effectively improving the intelligent level of vehicle management. Meet the needs of urban traffic management applications.


7. New retail industry

The concept of "new retail" has only been around for more than a year, but the various armies on this trillion battlefield have already begun to show their sharpening. At present, in the technology of unmanned supermarket terminals to identify goods, RFID radio frequency tag technology can often be found, and Bingo Box used this way at the beginning.


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