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Company news about The advantages of RFID technology applied to bank asset management
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The advantages of RFID technology applied to bank asset management


Latest company news about The advantages of RFID technology applied to bank asset management

latest company news about The advantages of RFID technology applied to bank asset management  0


More and more commercial banks are using the latest iot application technology to build their own competitiveness, improve service capabilities and service levels externally, strengthen compliance risk management and control internally, improve operational efficiency, and save costs to improve efficiency. The application of RFID technology to bank asset management has practical advantages.


Using the latest RFID electronic tag identification technology, it can be used for information management of bank employees, VIP customers, physical assets and documents files, including access control security card, etc. Through the transformation or deployment of the management information system that can support RFID, as well as the combination of RFID fixed readers and portable handheld RFID readers (UHF handheld), it can realize the collection of employees, VIP customers, equipment, documents, files, location, status and other information, and timely and accurate information transmission to the RFID-based background business management system. All of this can be achieved through iot LABS.


File Management:

When the account manager makes a loan file, an RFID tag is pasted on the file, and the information is written into the RFID electronic tag. When the file is circulated in each post, the RFID reader of each post identifies the RFID electronic tag on the file and records the tracking status information. After filing cabinet files, handheld RFID reader can be used to find and inventory, convenient and fast. Including the warehouse and inventory management of mortgage files can also be fully RFID, which is faster and more accurate than the traditional bar code, and the inventory can be completed in just a few minutes.


Bill anti-counterfeiting management:

For important bank bills, RFID technology can be used to prevent counterfeiting, and tracking processing is faster. It is the printing of bank notes to encapsulate an RFID chip. Read or write the corresponding electronic information to the RFID chip during the bill issuance and flow processing.

Cash box handover management:

Automatic identification of the cash box, to prevent handover errors, identify the authenticity of the cash box. The scheme uses RFID intelligent management means to control, monitor and record the entire process of escorts or payers' door-to-door collection. RFID electronic tags, fixed readers, handheld data acquisition terminals, and banking communication systems are the basis for the success of this program. After each business outlet receives the money box arrived under escort, the system can realize automatic information check and automatic signing. The signing information will be transmitted to the cash operation management background system through the bank special line network in real time, which improves the accuracy and work efficiency of the cash box handover.


Vault Management:

The deployment of fixed reader at the key points of the entrance and exit of the (Treasury) cash box - automatic identification of the entrance and exit of the warehouse, greatly reducing the possibility of human intervention in the circulation link to provide security for cash operation. The use of handheld terminals in the warehouse can facilitate the inventory of cash boxes.


Personalized Customer Service:

When the customer enters the bank door at the moment, the RFID reader by the door automatically reads and identifies the bank card/credit card or VIP card with RFID chip carried by the customer, which allows the bank account manager to receive the customer's coming information at the first time, and do a good job of personalized service scheduling and preparation. There is no need to ask whether the customer is a VIP, what level of VIP and other questions that should not be repeatedly asked to upset the customer.


Asset Management:

There are many bank outlets, and it is very difficult to manage equipment assets. RFID technology is used to attach an RFID electronic tag to each device as the unique identification code of the device, which is convenient for tracking inventory and anti-theft. Fixed reader is deployed at the door -- automatic identification alarm at the entrance to provide protection for equipment safety. The use of handheld terminals in the warehouse can facilitate the inventory of equipment. Maintenance personnel carry RFID terminals to the network to inspect equipment. IT computer room equipment security and anti-theft. Can make full use of RFID technology to achieve the needs of control.


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