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Company news about The application advantages of RFID technology in warehouse management
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The application advantages of RFID technology in warehouse management


Latest company news about The application advantages of RFID technology in warehouse management

latest company news about The application advantages of RFID technology in warehouse management  0


1. Storage management.

Handling personnel, records and goods are the three basic elements of logistics management, which requires a lot of time and manpower, and usually requires multiple links of goods inspection to ensure the accuracy of goods in storage. One of the important problems in traditional warehouse management is the long time and low efficiency of goods acceptance. The use of RFID technology, set up RFID antenna at the door of the goods warehousing, the goods to be stored have labels, put the goods on the pallet, and then load the goods forklift through the door of the warehouse, RFID antenna will automatically identify the goods carried on the pallet, and at the same time the goods information is transmitted to the corresponding goods system in real time. This system can compare the information of the identified goods at the same time warehousing order, if there is no difference between the two, the forklift can directly pass without staying, at this time the system displays the storage location of the goods, the forklift only needs to place the goods in the corresponding position to complete warehousing. This way of warehousing goods, the original need for 20min-30min of goods warehousing time shortened to about 1min, not only improve the efficiency of logistics work, but also to ensure the accuracy of goods warehousing.


2. Inventory management.

The application of RFID technology in the warehousing operation process can effectively solve the problems of goods inventory difficulties and goods inventory burdens. Relevant staff only need to hold RFID reader for non-contact scanning of the items, then the item inventory information can be uploaded to the computer system in real time, after the personnel scan is completed, the computer system will automatically generate the inventory of goods, the basic information of the items to be visually displayed. After the items are stored, the relevant staff also need to manage the items and check the inventory with the help of RFID technology. This link can be used to regularly check the classified goods with the help of readers, and analyze the inventory changes of the goods. When the goods are shifted, the reader can be used to automatically collect the goods label, and find the corresponding information in the data system, automatically input the goods information such as quantity, location, and name of the goods, and check whether the goods information is abnormal. Compared with the traditional goods inventory mode, RFID technology not only reduces the damage of goods caused by staff searching for goods in goods inventory, but also improves the accuracy of goods inventory data to a certain extent. At this stage, in the inventory process, only 1h-2h can complete the workload of the traditional mode of staff in 1 day.

3. Goods inquiry.

The advantages of RFID technology can be fully demonstrated in the cargo inquiry link. Because each item will input its information into the goods data information database when the goods are stored, when the staff queries the goods, it only needs to input the corresponding information of the corresponding goods in the database to query the specific information of the goods such as the location of the goods, the quantity of the goods, the production batch of the goods, etc. The application of RFID technology in goods warehousing activities can not only simplify the logistics workflow, but also improve the accuracy of goods information query.


As the scale of enterprises is gradually too large, the type and quantity of incoming goods are also increasing, and the traditional logistics and warehousing model is difficult to meet the logistics needs under the new supply and demand relationship, so the application of RFID technology in logistics and warehousing management is particularly important. RFID technology is a contactless wireless system that can automatically identify targets in a variety of working environments and is less affected by environmental factors. The scientific and reasonable application of RFID technology in the logistics and warehousing management of goods can effectively improve the efficiency of goods management, and can also achieve automated and intelligent logistics and warehousing management to a certain extent.


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