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Company news about The importance of RFID technology applied to power asset management
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The importance of RFID technology applied to power asset management


Latest company news about The importance of RFID technology applied to power asset management

latest company news about The importance of RFID technology applied to power asset management  0


In recent years, with the development of digital information technology, many power companies have already entered the stage of intelligent management for asset equipment management and even put forward higher management requirements, and continue to build an integrated management platform for asset life cycle management. Through RFID technology, the timely transmission and feedback of asset change information are realized, so that the asset life cycle management of each stage of business is closely connected with the on-site physical information. RFID technology is very important for the entire power asset equipment management! The following are six advantages of RFID asset management for power enterprises:

1. Comprehensively manage the life cycle of assets and strictly check all aspects

The asset management process includes new asset storage, asset card, asset transfer, asset leasing and lending, asset operation, asset maintenance, asset repair, asset retirement, donation and transfer, etc. Through the standardized control of the process, the asset information management system is more institutionalized and streamlined.

2, timely warning, comprehensive monitoring

An effective online early warning system has been established and improved to prevent risks, monitor and manage asset use and change information throughout the process, grasp asset dynamics throughout the process, and prevent asset loss.

3. Personalized definition

Based on the actual business requirements, you can change the business change type, asset type, organization, department, and role to customize the work approval flow to meet the needs of multi-dimensional asset management.

4, the use of advanced RFID technology, data statistics professional and accurate

The use of advanced RFID technology for assets from purchase, use, transfer, inventory, cleaning to scrap and other aspects of a full range of accurate statistics, breaking through the past manual statistics, saving manpower and material resources, shorten the inventory time, to ensure the accurate and rapid asset management work.

5, management to the post, responsibility to the person, rights and responsibilities are more clear

Asset management has the characteristics of a large amount of information, involving a large number of posts and personnel. Through the collection and monitoring of asset information, it can realize the synchronous management of assets and users, departments and personnel, and truly realize "hierarchical management and responsibility to people".

6, Support multi-organization system, centralized management

To achieve centralized asset management, the asset management department can timely and fully understand the asset stock, distribution and asset operation of different regions and different institutions, and daily system maintenance only needs to be carried out on the server of the competent department.

Through the establishment of equipment physical identification system, integrating asset physical flow, information flow and value flow, realizing the sustainable linkage and consistency of account, card and material, and realizing information sharing at all stages of asset management. The tracking management of power transmission and transformation equipment at all stages of its life will test the asset management model and bring an opportunity to improve the modern management level of power transmission and transformation equipment. At present, the State Grid Company and the Southern Power Grid Company are actively carrying out the research and application of RFID technology in asset and intelligent warehouse management systems. RFID technology is very important in the whole life cycle tracking management application of power grid assets, and has important positive significance for further promotion and application.

The whole set of management integrates RFID technology, network technology, computer technology, database technology and wireless communication technology. The RFID power grid asset life cycle management solution will realize the management of RFID equipment, realize the data exchange with PMS, SAP and other systems and the comparison and analysis of accounts, cards and material data, and generate various management reports; Realize the upload and download of business data with RFID handheld terminal, and realize the daily dynamic management of physical identification.

RFID technology realizes the automation and paperless data collection, continuously improves the completeness and effectiveness of equipment inspection management, and makes the physical information and system information achieve real-time synchronization. Therefore, asset management applications based on RFID technology are very important.


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