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Company news about The selection and application of RFID electronic tags in smart logistics
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The selection and application of RFID electronic tags in smart logistics


Latest company news about The selection and application of RFID electronic tags in smart logistics

The development of smart logistics is inseparable from the Internet of Things, RFID, picking and other technologies, although most logistics warehousing companies have begun to deploy RFID technology, but the logistics transport of a variety of items, generally speaking, conductive liquid substances will have a strong absorption of electromagnetic waves, and metal items or high-density non-metallic materials will have a reflection effect on electromagnetic waves. In logistics applications, especially in daily necessities, luggage sorting and other occasions, often the content of the logistics object is uncertain, that is, the nature of the logistics object is very complex, there are solid, conductive liquid, there may also be metal items.


The RFID system is mainly composed of a Tag, a Reader and an Antenna. In the field of logistics and warehousing, electronic tags are bound to the goods, and signals are transmitted to the system through antennas and readers, forming automated data acquisition work. Therefore, the application selection of electronic labels is very important, and it is necessary to consider many uncertainties in the field environment.

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The shape and size of the object. The shape of the object to be recognized for the regular shape of the object, the label is easier to install, do not form a block. It is necessary to consider the impact on the effect of RFID recognition from various aspects. The size of the object is directly related to the reading distance of the system, and affects the installation of the reader system. Of course, if the label is fixed on the side of the reader antenna, it can ensure that the reading effect is ideal.

The speed at which the object moves. The speed of the moving speed of the identified object is related to the time that the label stays in the electromagnetic field, that is, the time that the label obtains energy. The longer this time, the more the internal capacitor charge of the label, the longer the continuous discharge time, and the more stable and reliable the work. However, with the gradual improvement of the performance of readers and antennas, too high speed will affect the accuracy of reading results and will be effectively controlled.


Since the basic principle on which RFID systems work is the coupling and propagation of electromagnetic waves, the performance of the system is very sensitive to the electromagnetic impact of the installation environment. In practical applications, a wire, network cable, and so on in the installation environment may affect the reading performance of the system. In the logistics center, there may be a variety of gold shelves, which will seriously affect the transmission of RFID electromagnetic waves.


The so-called application level of the RFID system refers to the level to which the RFID tag is applied, whether it is a single grade, a small package level, a large package level, a pallet level or a container level, and so on. Taking cigarettes as an example, its application can be each pack of cigarettes, it can also be one, or a box, and for warehouse management, it can also be a pallet. Different levels of application will change the size of the identifier, the number of identifiers recognized at the same time, and so on, so it will also affect the quality of the recognition effect.


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The shape, size and installation method of the label will also affect the stability of use. Labels come in a variety of shapes, including bars, cards, cylinders, and various shapes. The size and shape of the label need to be determined according to the requirements of the specific application system. However, the smaller the label, the worse the reading effect, and the more difficult the packaging of the label. Label installation includes pasting, hanging, embedding, wearing, etc. For larger labels applied on trucks, containers, etc., you can also use the form of riveting. The choice of installation method and installation location is also very important for the system.

For the entire RFID system, RFID electronic tag is a consumable, so the cost of the tag is still relatively high, therefore, the choice of RFID system must be based on the value of the identified item itself and the added value that can be created to be considered comprehensively.


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