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Company news about UHF RFID access control system is used in personnel attendance management
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UHF RFID access control system is used in personnel attendance management


Latest company news about UHF RFID access control system is used in personnel attendance management

The rfid access control system is based on rfid technology (line radio frequency identification, a communication technology that can identify a specific target through radio signals and read and write the relevant data, without the need to establish mechanical or optical contact between the identification system and the specific target). A new open intelligent access control attendance system. Because the traditional personnel attendance management system mostly adopts the way of swiping cards, which requires a long queue, which is a waste of time and is not humanized, it needs a practical, cost-effective, safe and reliable management scheme based on RFID technology.


latest company news about UHF RFID access control system is used in personnel attendance management  0


rfid channel access control system has changed the traditional card management mode, with a new barrier-free open channel mode, when employees and outsiders wear authorized cards out of date, there is no need to take the initiative to swipe the card, the system will automatically identify and collect information through the personnel and automatically enter the system. Because the system adopts the open channel mode, it greatly improves the speed of personnel in and out, and solves the problem of employees waiting in a long queue to punch the card. The system can be widely used in occasions with large traffic flow, such as large factories, large enterprises, building gates, schools, exhibitions, stadiums and occasions where it is not convenient to actively swipe the card.


RFID personnel attendance and security positioning system is mainly composed of employee identification card (RFID electronic tag), UHF UHF rfid reader, database server, enterprise local Ethernet network and management terminal software.


People in and out of the body only need to wear rfid electronic tag work card, no need to take the initiative to swipe the card, through the rfid open channel access control system automatically identifies, collects and records the relevant personnel information, the use of the system is more intelligent; The identification speed is extremely fast, up to 800 people/points, to solve the congestion phenomenon such as commuting to work.


Application process

1. Business card printing process

Each employee needs a work card with RFID electronic tag to identify themselves, as a data carrier for attendance or dining, the label shape can be packaged according to requirements, generally commonly used is PVC packaging, the size is the same as ordinary bank cards, and the front print employee photos, job numbers, names, departments and other personality information. The logo of each enterprise and the precautions for use are printed on the reverse side, while the employee information is written on the label memory through the card issuer.

2. Register for attendance

Install an open channel attendance machine at the gate of the office building or the factory, and the system will automatically record the attendance information, and the employees do not need to stay and do not need to queue up. In addition, you can add an LED display to show the employees who are currently registered for attendance.

3. Company visitors

When the guest arrives at the office building, the welcome message and guest information will be displayed on the LED display. The office area allowed to enter will be set on the guest's card. If you enter an unauthorized place, the system will issue a warning.


rfid channel access control and rfid reader are set up at the enterprise gate, key safety production sites, and important workshop work channels, etc., to carry out attendance information management for the whole factory staff, complete the identification of employees entering and leaving the factory, record the work time, real-time collection of employees' entry and exit information at each entrance and exit, and realize remote automatic identification. Background system record, alarm, query, information statistics and other management, within the scope of the plant through further real-time monitoring of personnel, timely control of personnel distribution, to achieve the safety of the whole plant personnel positioning management.


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