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Company news about Why do many clothing companies use RFID supply chain systems?
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Why do many clothing companies use RFID supply chain systems?


Latest company news about Why do many clothing companies use RFID supply chain systems?

latest company news about Why do many clothing companies use RFID supply chain systems?  0


In recent years, with the commercialization of UHF RFID technology becoming more and more mature, the introduction of RFID technology for data collection and analysis of the entire finished product supply chain to simplify the process and labor has become a new way for clothing companies to seek breakthroughs. RFID technology can realize information management from all aspects of product production and processing, warehousing, logistics, distribution, and store, and provide brand owners with real-time dynamic tracking and collection and information analysis. At the same time, it provides real, effective and timely management and decision support information for managers at all levels to provide support for the rapid development of the business, which will solve all problems, comprehensively reduce costs, improve profits and competitiveness.

RFID supply chain is mainly based on wireless radio frequency to achieve non-contact automatic identification of products, because the application of RFID tags has waterproof, moisture-proof, high temperature resistance, long service life, long reading distance, and can realize the advantages of multi-label reading, the application of RFID supply chain has gradually penetrated into the traditional industries. Among them, the management application of clothing RFID supply chain has also been applied and affirmed, and the intelligent management of the supply chain of clothing products has gradually become an indispensable technical tool and means for brand clothing factories to improve the level of clothing management, reduce management costs, and enhance core competitiveness.




Build a complete set of clothing RFID supply chain system to achieve brand owners to do the whole cycle of clothing production to the final sale of data collection and information monitoring, not only their own enterprise to establish the completed RFID supply chain system, At the same time, the management of outsourcing processing plants, logistics centers, distribution agents, terminal stores, etc. can simultaneously establish a complete set of RFID application environment.

The management of clothing RFID supply chain extends the application of RFID technology to the front end and client side of outsourced factories, applies RFID technology in procurement, distribution, after-sales service and other links, and integrates with the information systems of external enterprises such as outsourced factories, third-party logistics, distribution agents and after-sales service providers to form an RFID-based clothing supply chain management system. So as to improve the market competitiveness of the apparel RFID supply chain with the company as the core.


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