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BRT-26 Underground Tag Long Distance Impact Resistance For Tobacco Tray RFID Positioning Management
  • BRT-26 Underground Tag Long Distance Impact Resistance For Tobacco Tray RFID Positioning Management
  • BRT-26 Underground Tag Long Distance Impact Resistance For Tobacco Tray RFID Positioning Management

BRT-26 Underground Tag Long Distance Impact Resistance For Tobacco Tray RFID Positioning Management

Place of Origin Shenzhen, China
Brand Name Broadradio
Model Number BRT-26
Product Details
BRT-26 Underground Tag
Read / Write
100mmx15mm (with Adhesive)
Material Of Shell:
Black (or Customized)
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
1 Piece
Packaging Details
Standard Export Carton, Foam and Protective Film
Delivery Time
Payment Terms
Product Description

BRT-26 Underground Tag

As a leading global UHF RFID hardware solution provider, Broadradio has more than 10 years of experience in RFID antenna and label design. It has worked on RFID projects of various application types and is familiar with how to select antennas, tags and readers to obtain The optimal system integration effect has become a long-term partner of many listed companies in the RFID industry.


Product Description:


BRT-26 is dedicated to the goods positioning. It has a good performance of far reading distance, compressive and impact resistance, high mechanical strength and easy to install, especially suitable for a variety of tobacco tray positioning, grain management, conveniently used in all the RFID positioning management applications.


Performance Features
Frequency range: 920 - 925 MHz
Sensitivity: Front-17dBm
Chip: ALIEN H3
Chip protocol: EPC Class-1 Gen2
Protocol supported: ISO 18000-6C, EPC global C1Gen2
Function: Read / Write
Chip Features
E P C : 96 Bits
Chip memory : 512 User Bits
T I D: 64 bits
Access password: 32 bits
Kill password: 32 bits
Anti-interference: Strong
Data retention: 10 years
Write endurance: 10,000 cycle
Mechanical Features
Size: 100mm*15mm(with adhesive)
Material of shell: Ceramic
Color: Black (or customized)
Weight: 278g
Installation method: buried in the ground and keep parallel to the floor
Protection class: IP65
Operating Temperature : -40℃ to +250℃
Tobacco management, food and other goods positioning management and etc.


Six advantages of RFID electronic tags:

1. Realize fast scanning

RFID electronic tag identification is accurate, and the identification distance is flexible. It can identify and read multiple tags at the same time. Without any object coverage, RFID tags can perform penetrating communication and barrier-free reading.


2. Large data memory capacity

The maximum capacity of RFID electronic tags is MegaBytes. In the future, the amount of data and information that objects need to carry will continue to increase, and the development of memory carrier data capacity is also expanding according to the corresponding needs of the market, and is currently in a steady upward trend. The prospects are very impressive.


3. Anti-pollution ability and durability

RFID electronic tags are highly resistant to substances such as water, oil and chemicals. In addition, RFID tags store data in the chip, so it can effectively avoid damage and data loss.


4. Can be reused

RFID electronic tags have the function of repeatedly adding, modifying, and deleting data stored in the RFID label, which facilitates the replacement and update of information.


5. Small size and diversified shapes

RFID electronic tags are not limited by shape or size, so there is no need to match the paper fixing and printing quality for reading accuracy. In addition, RFID tags are also developing towards miniaturization and diversification to be applicable to more different products.


6. Security

The RFID electronic tag carries electronic information, and its data content is protected by a password with strong security. The content is not easy to be forged, altered, or stolen.


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